Atlanta-based biometrics firm M2SYS has published a case study of a banking solution it developed for the Arig Bank of Mongolia last year, with finger-vein technology used to authenticate some 400,000 customers.According to a presentation, M2SYS worked with local partner Infinite Solution on a biometric solution that aimed to streamline the customer authentication process at Arig's branches.In an effort to address the problem of identity theft Arig Bank, selected M2SYS' fingerprint and finger vein verification system – M2-FuseID, which has a FBI-compliant 500 DPI fingerprint image resolution and sophisticated liveness detection.While the technology was originally piloted in 2013 in two branches with and initial 20 terminals on a database of 30,000, the latter database has now been upgraded to 390,000.”Arig Bank of Mongolia choose our M2-FuseID hardware because they wanted to deploy an anti-spoof modality to ensure customer safety. They were dealing with a large number of bank account holders and liveness detection was a prime factor of success in order to eliminate fake fingerprint detections”, wrote M2SYS in a blog post.