Portuguese biometrics firm Vision-box has provided more details of an US$18 million contract it has won to supply Australian Customs and Border Protection Service with 92 SmartGates.Eight Australian Airports will receive new departure SmartGates between June 2015 and July 2016: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Cairns and Darwin, wrote the firm.”The tender procedure was preceded by a successful trial at Brisbane International Airport in a partnership with IBM Australia,” noted Vision-box, adding that the large-scale project now includes 92 of its vb i-match ABC eGates.Jean-Fran├žois Lennon, Vision-Box's Vice-President for Global Business Development & Sales, said: “The implementation of a new generation of Automated Border Control technology is a great step forward for Australia, meaning a boost in the country's national security measures at departures, adopting a hassle-free approach.”Furthermore, by monitoring borders through the extended use of facial recognition, taking full advantage of our last generation passenger-centric solution, controlled through user-focused supervision software, Border Protection Officers may focus on added-value duties, such as profiling and surveilling high-risk travellers.”This not only enhances national security but creates more effective and efficient processes. Of course, not to mention the users: travellers will certainly notice the difference, taking advantage of a happy flow when leaving Australia.”