Fijians can now secure an ePassport at embassies in Wellington in New Zealand and in Sydney, Australia, according to senior officials.Permanent Secretary for Immigration Yogesh Karan says they are progressively working to ensure that the E-Passport is available to as many Fijian nationals living and working overseas as possible, reports FBC.Karan says Australia only last week was able to initiate their ePassport services and there are now plans to roll out this year in the United States, Belgium, the United Arab Emirates and Japan."So after the US, we will be doing Brussels because the reason we want to do Brussels is because we have a reasonable number of our Rugby players and some of the other people that are Fijian citizens that are there for study and so forth so we want to have an office there."Meanwhile, more than 23,000 E-Passports have been issued since the new system was put in place in September last year.