The FIDO Alliance’s two specifications in remote authentication will be recognised as international standards by the International Telecommunication Union.

The standards received recommendation from members of the ITU, acknowledging how passwordless authentication technology has evolved and the development of frameworks. The FIDO Alliance aims to reduce reliance on familiar two-factor passwords and substitute their use for passkeys, UAF, U2F and FIDO, setting widely agreed open and free standards. The specifications fit within ITU’s global standards for information and communication technologies.

Passkeys are easier to use than passwords by today’s technological standards since fingerprint or facial recognition became more readily used while passwords require two-factor authentication from a second device. Users can sign in with biometrics sensor that captures and remembers their identity to authenticate them into social media accounts, apps and websites.

Online authentication has transitioned from long, cumbersome passwords that are difficult to remember to technology that remembers genuine users using reliable biometric matching.