The FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance has announced that American Express, Infineon, and VASCO have been appointed to the FIDO board of directors. The 28-member board represents the diversity of interests and markets comprising the global support for the FIDO ecosystem.Infineon takes a board position, after launching the FIDO Alliance with six founding members in 2013. Originally a FIDO sponsor, VASCO ascends to the board, while American Express joins the FIDO Alliance as a board member.”Today, we welcome American Express, Infineon and VASCO to the FIDO Alliance board that is made up of technology companies, financial services and government agencies working together to reduce the reliance on passwords. Together, we are improving security for people and companies around the world,” said Dustin Ingalls, Board President, FIDO Alliance.”As the lines between offline and online commerce blur, addressing identity verification for managing payments is pivotal to the future of the financial industry,” said Upendra Mardikar, Vice President, Security Strategy, Architecture & Engineering at American Express. “Partnering with experts in FIDO will enable American Express and the financial industry to pave the path to more secure payments.””As a founding member of the FIDO Alliance, Infineon is delighted to become a member of the Board,” said Joerg Borchert, vice president of the chip card and security business at Infineon Technologies Americas Corp. “With active participation by leaders from multiple business segments, the FIDO Alliance is succeeding in its mission of making the connected world safer for both businesses and consumers by assuring that security measures are easy to use.””As a leading provider of authentication solutions for nearly 20 years, we have witnessed and contributed directly to the evolution of security mechanisms for protecting online access and transactions,” stated T. Kendall Hunt Chairman, CEO and Founder of VASCO Data Security. “The first token devices we sold were big and clunky and not so easy to use. Now we sell authentication solutions that are delivered as mobile apps with dozens of ways to enhance security and authentication, and the user experience has become frictionless. We are delighted to support the FIDO mission as it ushers in the next generation of authentication solutions.”