FaceFirst, a provider of face recognition solutions for retail, today announced the release of Sentinel-IQ, a next-generation face recognition surveillance platform designed with retail customers in mind. Sentinel-IQ utilizes a new proprietary algorithm that offers exponential increases in speed and accuracy to identify shoplifters and violent criminals. The new cloud-based platform features 20x more scalability than previous packages, eliminating the need for in-store servers and making deployment far faster and more cost effective.Inventory shrink in the U.S. is a $48.9 billion problem, according to the National Retail Federation. FaceFirst technology, which alerts retailers the moment known dishonest customers enter the premises, has prevented hundreds of millions of dollars in inventory loss to date. Sentinel-IQ adds a variety of powerful performance improvements, including the ability to offer real-time alerting against databases that are 25 times larger than before, making it easier than ever for retailers to create a shared threat intelligence network across thousands of stores worldwide.”About one in five shoplifters hit three or more retail stores within a single month,” said FaceFirst CEO Peter Trepp, citing FaceFirst analytics, “and it's not uncommon for shoplifters to strike two retail locations within minutes of each other. Sentinel-IQ is powerful enough to deliver real time results to brands that are truly global.”Sentinel-IQ is also more efficient than its predecessor, creating 50 percent less network traffic and reducing infrastructure cost by 80 percent. FaceFirst now offers a variety of deployment options tailored to stores of different sizes, including a 100 percent SaaS-based deployment, capable of enabling virtually any HD camera with a qualified CPU.”The speed and accuracy that Sentinel-IQ brings is a game changer,” said Trepp. “And while the system was designed with the world's largest retail chains in mind, the all-in-one camera support will offer a flexible SaaS solution for retailers with less square footage.”