Iris-based identity authentication firm EyeLock has announced that it will begin sales of its nanoNXT access control solution.The nanoNXT uses EyeLock technology to convert the unique characteristics of each iris into a complex encrypted code that maximizes security and minimizes breach potential, said the firm in a statement.The tech has a false accept rate of only 1 in 1.5 million for a single eye, second only to DNA, added the company.In January, a pre-production laptop with EyeLock ID technology was showcased at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Created in partnership with leading global original design manufacturer Wistron NeWeb Corporation the laptop integrates EyeLock's iris scanning tech adjacent to a webcam.Planet Biometrics reported in November that EyeLock had announced an agreement with Taiwan's WNC to embed EyeLock's patented iris authentication technology across PCs, set-top boxes, network devices and automotive applications.