An upcoming webinar hosted by the Festival of Identity event will cover contactless biometric travel.As touchless identity and contactless clearance become more widely available, it will provide strong proactive operational, health and security risk management measures to assist in the prevention of pathogen transmission between individuals.Jeff Lennon, Head of Strategic Sales & Global Partnerships, Vision-Box, Portugal, will explore how the design and function of Seamless Traveler technology can provide a strong and steady model of business continuity for airports, land borders and seaports, even during challenging conditions that require physical distancing.The webinar is called "Advanced Digital Identity Management Platforms leverage end-to-end Seamless Traveler Technology to limit physical contact between people and interactions with machines".To register for the event on May 21, at 4pm BST, click here.Jean-François (Jeff) Lennon, a senior executive with over 20 years of experience in the IT and Security industries, is Head of Strategic Sales & Global Partnerships at Vision-Box, a leading provider of Seamless Travel and Digital Identity Solutions. Since he joined Vision-Box in early 2012, Jeff has embarked on wide-ranging projects, having spearheaded the exponential growth of the company during the past seven years. He is currently overseeing strategic and sales responsibilities on a global base, and is in charge of the long-term growth plan of the company, towards collective goals of security, safety and quality of life.