Dubai-based smart border firm emaratech has launched an iris authentication solution called “eyen” to quickly verify travellers' identity when integrated with border gates.emaratech says the system, which has an average acquisition speed of up to two seconds, will enhance passengers' experience.”The system maintains highest level of security using the latest iris recognition technology, “said Thani Alzaffin, Director General and Board Member of emaratech. “At emaratech, we focus first on people and then on process. We study behaviors, review existing processes, analyze the operational and technical challenges, in order to deploy business solutions that enhance the overall experience by process re-engineering”.He added: “We have been developing solutions with our strategic partners to enable the UAE play a leading role in shaping the future of the industry and enrich travel experiences. We are very proud of the many achievements realized so far with the eGates and the smart gates implemented at all airports in the country and in the region.”In May 2014, SRI International entered into an exclusive Iris-on-the-Move (IOM) reseller agreement with emaratech, an IT solutions provider and consulting company for commercial and government entities throughout the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Jordan.