Dutch online shop Koopjesdrogisterij will be the first online store to use facial recognition or fingerprint scanning for purchases, using technology developed by Hoyos Labs.The new payment recognition method comes from Hoyos Labs' 1U technology. There's no need for any card or additional banking device; it'll just be facial recognition from the front of the camera.To use the method, users simply need to download the 1U app to their phone.Using their cellphone's camera, you prove their identity using their facial expression or their four-finger scan.1U biometrically scans their face or fingerprints for a whole range of unique features, and then authenticates their identity and allows you to make purchasesLast month, New York-based biometrics firm Hoyos Labs demonstrated a new technology which captures four fingerprints on a smartphone simultaneously.The company's biometric four-finger (4F) technology was invented to address the difficulty of capturing biometrics, like facial recognition, which can fail with adverse lighting conditions.”4F works in any environment, because it uses the phone's flash as its light source with no external hardware required”, said Hoyos.