A former chief the US Department of Defense believes the Common Access Card can be replaced by biometric solutions.The Common Access Card has been DOD's gateway to access and the standardized identity credential for more than a decade.But speaking to FCW, former DOD CIO Terry Halvorsen said a suite of 10 or more biometric and behavioral tools that could be used in a revolving mix-and-match fashion so that at any given moment a user would be subject to five of those measures to gain and maintain system access.Halvorsen said he did not want to issue a heavily proscriptive requirement but instead let companies present commercially available solutions for DOD to evaluate.Earlier this month, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) said the country's Department of Defence has made progress in establishing long-term deployable capabilities, but further actions are needed.GAO is making six recommendations, including that DOD update its biometric enterprise strategic plan; take steps to more effectively manage the acquisition of a recent biometric capability; and consider developing a geographically dispersed back-up capability for its authoritative biometric database.