Daon, a global provider of biometric identity technology, has announced the launch of IdentityX Digital Onboarding 2.0, which sets a new industry standard for safe, seamless all-digital customer onboarding.With IdentityX Digital Onboarding 2.0, Daon has leveraged its two decades of experience in state-of-the-art biometrics and biometric liveness to build the most frictionless and fraud-resistant customer onboarding experience ever conceived. Unlike competing products, Daon's technology is proven to reduce abandonment and cut operating costs while satisfying even the most stringent AML/KYC compliance mandates."With this product, we're upending the false choice between convenience and compliance," said Tom Grissen, CEO, Daon. "For too long, organizations have been stuck choosing 90% customer abandonment rates on the one hand, or billions of dollars lost to fraud and regulatory fines on the other. Today, with all-digital customer onboarding from Daon, the process isn't just more frictionless than traditional onboarding; it's also more secure."In IdentityX, Daon has now created a truly seamless "two-in-one" platform for digital onboarding and omni-channel authentication, through which new customers can use their onboarding credentials to authenticate, quickly and easily, at any time in the future, and across all digital and physical channels."Daon's unprecedented integration of onboarding and authentication is a powerful new realization of our longstanding commitment to a frictionless omni-channel experience at every step of the customer journey," added Grissen.