FST Biometrics announced today that it has successfully deployed the In Motion Identification (IMID) solution, integrated with Automatic Systems' SmartLane turnstiles, at CN's Montreal headquarters.FST's contactless system is installed at all perimeter access points of the company's headquarters, as well as at the entrance of the corporate child daycare center.Leading Canadian integrator Infynia Security directed the implementation and integration process at CN's headquarters, installing FST's award-winning IMID software and Automatic Systems' cutting-edge SmartLane turnstiles to provide access to its 3,000 employees, contractors and in specific cases, for visitors entering the company's headquarters in Montreal. Once users are registered, FST's IMID Access identifies each of them almost instantaneously, allowing users to enter and exit the facility without waiting, swiping a card, punching a code or presenting any documentation.Automatic Systems' SmartLane optical turnstiles are being utilized together with IMID as the physical access component of the complete access control solution. Automatic Systems' turnstile solution helps prevent tailgating and ensures that foot traffic moves at an efficient pace.”The accurate, frictionless and convenient nature of our in-motion identification solution were an excellent fit to meet CN's identification and secure access needs,” said Arie Melamed, CMO of FST Biometrics. “We are pleased that a global transportation leader has implemented our system at the headquarters of its operations. We look forward to developing this relationship further in the future. We thank Infynia Security and Automatic Systems for collaborating on this complete secure access solution.”