Two prominent technology focused universities in China have adopted facial recognition systems to track student attendance.Henan University of Technology in Henan Province and Minjiang University in Fujian Province have deployed the system, reported the China Internet Information Center.Since it was installed in two classrooms in Henan University, there has been a 100 percent attendance rate, according to staff there.Some university teachers have fondly called it an “absence-prevention magic wand,” Li Hongguang, a professor at the school, told the information service.In January, Planet Biometrics reported on plans by the National Science Foundation (NSF), an independent federal agency created by Congress, to award a grant to a Missouri university to develop a smartphone app that would instantly record college students' classroom attendance. – See more at: The US$50,000 given to Missouri University of Science and Technology by the NSF on 2 January will be used for a project that will record videos to create “face tracklets” of students, according to the grant documents. The foundation argued that checking attendance in traditional ways is too time consuming and inaccurate.