Chinese city Yinchuan has implemented biometric security across transport systems, allowing passengers to pay through face recognition.On the buses there, facial recognition software has replaced the fare box, according to a CNN report.Much like a fingerprint can unlock a smartphone, passengers' faces are linked to their bank accounts, meaning boarding isn't slowed by people fishing for exact change.Earlier this year, the main railway station in China's capital, Beijing, started trialling facial recognition technology to verify the identity of train travellers.Citizens who hold a second-generation identification card and a blue magcard ticket can use the new automated check-in.They must stand in front of a screen to have their picture taken and then wait for approximately three seconds for it to be verified.Introduced in 2004, China's second-generation ID card contains a chip which contains a digital photograph along with essential personal information of the holder.Facial recognition is increasingly being proposed as a possible banking solution in China, with its Tencent-backed internet bank planning to use the tech to identify new account holders.