A Request for Proposals was issued by the Cayman Islands government last week for the suite of services and technology required to implement the national ID system.The RFP comes as the Government team in the Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure is currently finalising preparations to develop and roll-out a National Identity programme for the Islands.Thel ID will be a Government-issued, photo-identification card which will have current Cayman immigration status, reported the Cayman iNews.The card will also include digital identity and digital signature features that will allow National ID card holders to confirm their identity online or sign documents digitally.Minister of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure, Hon. Joey Hew, stated the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the importance of online options for individuals as well as businesses and commerce across our Islands. "Getting information and vital services to Caymanians and residents digitally has never been more important," Minster Hew said.He further noted, "By implementing modern solutions that are customer-focused, and which allow customer data to be securely exchanged across government entities, we aim to improve access to government services for Caymanians, residents and businesses in a way that enables the growth of our local digital economy".