Danish smart card maker CardLab has revealed that financial institutions in the US, Middle East and Europe are interested in using a new biometric bank card it has developed.The credit card solution was developed in cooperation with fellow Danish firm Quardlock and uses a new and patented technology called a “biometric one-time password OTP”, noted CardLab in a press statement.As of 1 January, the card had been delivered to US card issuer Epic One in Texas, and two other banks in Dubai and London.The card uses encryption and OTPs to generate a new password for every transaction, with the code displayed on a miniature display, according to CardLab.The ISO7816 biometric OTP card has the integrated biometric sensor, an OTP display and a microchip powered by an internal battery.CardLab states that it is the only company in the world that has managed to produce functional credit cards in standard size with a biometric fingerprint reader.