A global survey on biometric authentication for banking, conducted by the bank HSBC, has found that while many are still unaware or suspicious of the technology’s benefits, Brits are the most open to biometrics.While the survey of 12,000 people in 11 countries found that less than half (46 per cent) trusted fingerprint recognition to replace their traditional password, Brits were the most open to new security methods.When it comes to biometrics . . . the UK is very willing to adopt certain measures.” It found that UK consumers were the most open to replacing traditional passwords with iris identification, for example, reported the Financial Times.Speaking to the newspaper, Andy Maguire, HSBC chief operating officer, took the chance to address a controversy last week that saw the BBC trick the bank’s voice biometric security with a twin.”[Biometrics] are very convenient and [offer] a much better customer experience,” he said. “We have made some tweaks to the security settings as a result, and we’re going to carefully monitor that we’re not causing problems for legitimate customers.”