Tech security firm BluStor has revealed that it will begin shipments of its CyberGate Secure Mobile Briefcase (SMB) next month.In a statement, the firm noted that the product combines multi-factor biometric authentication, authorization and data security tools into a smart card-sized solution.”Usernames, passwords, pins or a single fingerprint captured by a smartphone or tablet have proven inadequate to protect an individual's ID or their data,” says company founder Finis Conner. “In fact, sufficiently securing mobile devices, cloud-based solutions or the growing number of products being developed within the Internet of Things [IoT] industry is virtually impossible. However, returning control of ID and authentication to the user is the answer.”With the CyberGate SMB, BluStor says Conner and his team have built a platform that can answer the two questions necessary in virtually every digital transaction in the mobile world: “Are you who you say you are?” and “Are you authorized to do what you are requesting?”The card-sized device features a 32-bit ARM processor; 8GB of storage capacity; standard interfaces such as Bluetooth/Bluetooth Low Energy, NFC and USB; government-level encryption; and a rechargeable battery with a two-year life.