British cloud-based accounting software firm Finebooks has teamed up with biometric security firm BioSSL to offer secure fingerprint or facial recognition login security as an optional feature on its packages.In a statement, BioSSL stated that it is the first company to offer HTTPS fingerprint security to provide an additional layer of defense against system hacking.”The information on the [Finebooks ] platform is highly sensitive. The platform is already secured with username and password, and with BioSSL, security is complete,” the company added.BioSSL uses biometric security to secures online financial transactions, online platforms, confidential document or media access and other high risk web based environments through fingerprint and/or face identification and verification.Guided by web animation, users in the BioSSL system can register up to 10 fingers with a fingerprint scanner and/or register his face with his web camera. When all 10 fingers are registered and approved, he or she can log into his web environment with a finger randomly selected by the system to perform online transactions.