Hungarian security company, BioSec Group Ltd. has added a new device to its “Triple” product line, which offers modular biometric terminals for indoor environments.Called BS Triple 1+, BioSec's latest device combines palm vein recognition with an RFID reader, ensuring 1:n and 1:1 authentication options based on the customer's requests (e.g. employees use biometrics, visitors RFID card).As the name suggests, the new device is closely connected to the company's recently launched BS Triple 1 terminal, which is used for biometric authentication in the BS Triple 1+ device. Thanks to the BS Triple 1's unique modular design, clients can choose among three options to install the biometric module, including touchless, finger rest and full hand rest versions. Combined with an RFID reader within one sophisticated device, customers can enjoy the highest security level and the greatest flexibility when it comes to access control.”With BS Triple 1+, customers have the freedom to change their access control device without any additional costs or expert help. Whether they need 1:n or 1:1 authentication, a contactless biometric terminal or a full hand rest version, the decision is in their hands. Regardless of how BS Triple 1+ is used, our clients receive a customised solution, which best suits their needs.” – said BioSec Group CEO, PÉter Györgydeák.BS Triple 1+ will be available for BioSec's BS GateKeeper physical access control system, as an addition to the company's “Triple” line-up. This latest device also has some features in common with the previous terminals, including ~1 second authentication time even in 1:n identification, ensuring simple, secure and convenient access control.