Shufti Pro has launched a charity program for the non-profit and healthcare organizations fighting to contain COVID-19. It will provide free 10 million free ID and face verifications to qualified organizations for two months. The organizations willing to utilize the free AI-based identity verification services of Shufti Pro will just have to fill an apply now form.Organizations all over the world helping in containing COVID-19 qualify for this free service. For example, hospitals, non-profit organizations, research centers, banks, educational institutions, airports, etc. are qualify for this program. Even if your organization is not listed here, but you're helping in containing COVID-19 you can apply for the free ID verification services. Willing organizations will submit the apply now form and the received applications will be reviewed by the team. Qualified organizations will be provided with selected free services for two months. The number of verifications provided to each organization will vary based on their need. The integration process will be quite easy and seamless making it easy for the organizations to adopt the new process of online identity verification of people. The process of ID verification and face verification is designed keeping in view the diverse end-users who would verify themselves. The organizations utilizing these services wouldn't have to educate their end-users regarding the process of verification. The people verifying themselves will have to upload a selfie and a photo of their ID card. Shufti Pro will verify them within seconds, and display the results in real-time. People wouldn't have to touch anything and touchless biometric authentications will be performed providing 98.67% accurate results. Shufti Pro is providing these services to play its part in the fight against COVID-19.