London-based eVoting solutions firm Smartmatic announced today that its secure automated voting platform helped secure a fair election in Venezuela.Smartmatic provided an end-to-end voting platform during the 6 December vote including its voter biometrics authentication, voting, results transmission, tallying and results broadcasting.”For more than a decade, Smartmatic has proudly serviced the national elections for the people of Venezuela, demonstrating our commitment to transparency, efficiency and accountability,” said Smartmatic CEO Antonio Mugica. “And this year was no different proving once again that all sides of the political spectrum can be both winners and losers.””Amid a polarized political landscape, our technology was able to help deliver results accepted by all parties. The winner is and has always been the will of the people,” he added.In the election, a total of 121,803 pieces of electronic voting technology were configured and deployed. Every single voter was authenticated biometrically before voting electronically, said Smartmatic.