Florida-based identity firm Bio-Metrica has launched a multifactor identity framework that the company says will work with different biometric and non‐biometric authentication methods.Called the Biometric Identification Infrastructure (BII), the web services framework allows applications the ability to use multiple biometric data types (fingerprint, facial recognition, iris, vein, speech, signature recognition, SMT, and any other biometric type.) & non‐biometric data types (Smartcard, token, passwords, etc.) across different applications.Bio-Metrica says this modular approach allows entities to support a variety of dissimilar biometrics across all applications. It also allows integration of existing applications which would normally be unable to communicate with each other.For instance, BII has the ability to create mandatory or optional fields for different types of data (both biometric and non-biometric) in each of the concurrent applications utilizing its database. Bio-Metrica says some of the applications include: AFIS, Biometric Identification System, Voter Registration System, National ID, Census, Driver's License, Border Control Systems, and any other automatic biometric and non biometric identification system. BII is available both as a separate framework with functions which can be used for development of 3rd party applications or integrated with one of our previously mentioned applications.