Bio-Metrica has announced that it has adapted their BII (Biometric Identification Infrastructure) multi-factor authentication biometric framework to function completely from a cloud-based deployment.The firm noted that the benefits of CloudBII over any traditional deployment include rapid deployment times of only a few hours, the ability to dynamically control system performance (response times) by rapidly scaling up or down a BII installation in a matter of hours using additional BII Agent machines or by changing the configuration of existing instance resources (more processing power, available RAM, additional networking channels etc.).”There's no need for IT infrastructure deployment (servers, administrative systems, networking equipment, A/C , etc.) or a need for local support personnel to maintain the local servers. Finally there would not be a need for massive investment into installation & configuration efforts since it will be all done remotely”.The company added that CloudBII can also be deployed as a SaaS installation, saving further costs for an organization.The Biometric Identification Infrastructure, BII, is a web services framework allowing applications the ability to use multiple biometric data types (fingerprint, facial recognition, iris, vein, speech, signature recognition, SMT, and any other biometric type.) & non-biometric data types (Smartcard, token, passwords, etc.) across different applications.This unified approach to identification allows entities the ability to enroll once and use the same data across different applications. BII is able to support multiple biometrics and non-biometric at the same time, which is known as multi-factor authentication. With BII, individuals will not be able to use disparate systems that do not share data to hide in plain sight.”CloudBII & BII's modular approach allows entities to support a variety of dissimilar biometrics across all applications. It also allows easy integration of existing applications which would normally be unable to communicate with each other.”BII consolidates their data, and makes it easy to reduce duplication, fraud, or other activities that are easier to occur in single system solutions. Some of the applications include: AFIS, Biometric Identification System, Voter Registration System, National ID, Census, Driver's License, Border Control Systems, and any other automatic biometric and non biometric identification system”.