Bio-key has forged a strategic partnership with India's Quantum Business Advisory (QB Advisory) to bring its software and hardware solutions to enterprises in India.Established in 2013, QB Advisory serves the IT requirements of enterprise customers across all of India from sales offices in Mumbai and Calcutta and a presence in Delhi and Hyderabad. QB Advisory focuses on IT infrastructure, software, and information security and support services across multiple industry verticals.The strategic partnership enables QB Advisory to introduce BIO-key's biometric authentication solutions throughout India, a growing market with significant potential. “BIO-key's products and brand offer a natural complement to our portfolio of information security solutions,” stated Saurabh Rateria, Managing Director of QB Advisory. “There's a heightened focus on security across India, and organizations are open to investigating proven, scalable and cost-effective solutions that can strengthen security and protect critical assets.”Rateria added, “There is a particular focus on internal security and access control, as risk has increased. Companies now recognize that consumer data is an asset – a very valuable asset ­- and it is causing them to reevaluate their existing security platforms. All of this has contributed to increased interest in biometric authentication. It's also our opinion that it won't be long before the government will make multifactor authentication a mandated requirement; therefore, adding BIO-key to our product mix makes good business sense.””India is forward-thinking when it comes to biometric technology, which has led to a growing number of inquiries about our solutions from businesses and consumers throughout the country,” stated Mike DePasquale, Chairman & CEO, BIO-key. “Prior to our relationship with QB Advisory, BIO-key did not have a physical presence in India, which put us at a significant disadvantage competing for business. That changes today, as partnered with QB Advisory, BIO-key now benefits from the exposure and in-country presence of one of India's leading IT services providers.”