Chinese web services giant Baidu wants to develop driverless cars which use biometrics to personalise everything about the driving experience.Baidu, the Chinese internet giant, is betting big on its “Apollo” driverless cars project which it claims will “make your car know you, and be your companion”.”Face recognition technology will make the car know who is inside, can adjust to their preferred temperature and chair position, and pick their favourite audio entertainment.” Xu Yongming, general manager of Baidu Telematics Department said on Tuesday in Shenzhen, reported the South China Morning Post.”Autonomous driving is not a mechanical operation, but intelligent companionship … relying on big data and deep learning technology, it will let the car know your better.”The firm's Apollo driverless car programme is named after the US' historic moon-landing programme to illustrate its ambition,”The platform will further provide precise recognition and emotional communication,” said Xu. “Autonomous driving is not a mechanical operation, but intelligent companionship,