Delivering a SaaS, single authentication platform, we are delighted that our Gold Sponsor, Axiad, will be showcasing their innovative solutions at Identity Week America 2023.

Axiad’s proposition overlooks bygone passwords to authenticate genuine users, with the right level of access, to organisational resources and end-points using an untraditional MFA built on crypto.

Modernised MFA – standing for Multi Factor Authentication – replaces passwords to improve posture within organisations whilst adding some friction to the user experience.

Axiad’s perfectly balanced solution does not leverage traditional MFA using passwords. The passwordless authenticator is based on either passkey, passkey managers in the future and certificate based authentication that allows end-point systems and solutions to navigate authorisation at the right level.

We cannot wait to welcome Axiad to our vast Exhibition Floor at Identity Week America 2023 (on 3-4 October) to further drive their marketable solution to achieve widespread sector adoption.

During the interview, we asked Bassam:

  1. Multifactor Authentication is the most effective way to ensure a user asserting an identity is who they say they are, but the friction can make for a poor user experience. How do we overcome this?
  2. Is modernised authentication working to fight more incidents of fraud and unauthorised access? Can you explain some of your applications of Axiad Cloud and modernised authentication?
  3. Can your solutions authorise the right level of data access to users?
  4. Do customers welcome a passwordless future?
  5. Why is Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM) critical to Zero Trust Architecture?