Authlogics has launched AuthentiDoc, a new secure document authentication solution, based on its PINgrid technology. According to the company, the software enables any Microsoft Office, PDF or ZIP file to be securely encrypted, sent and decrypted by the authorised recipient, using a simple One Time Code (OTC).To secure a document the creator/sender uses the AuthentiDoc software to encrypt the file/s before sending. When the recipient receives the message, and attempts to open the document they use a PINgrid challenge (a six-by-six number grid) together with their pattern to derive a OTC which will decrypt and open the document. To decrypt and access the document the recipient enters the OTC into the application that is used to open the file. AuthentiDoc is designed for securely sharing for-your-eyes-only mentation digitally, such as bank statements, invoices and financial agreements, contracts, insurance certificates, medical records and legal documents. The solution does not require an Internet connection, so once the document/file has been downloaded it can be accessed whenever and wherever they choose, using PINgrid each time to decrypt the file.Authlogics says AuthentiDoc can be used to identify a user over the phone to a call centre, by embedding a PINgrid watermark with a document which is unique to the document. "The AuthentiDoc solution is ideal for any organisation that wants to ensure confidential and sensitive information is only seen by the intended recipient," says Steven Hope, CEO of Authlogics. "It is easy to deploy, works with all major file types and is intuitive for those both encrypting and decrypting documents."