Huntsville biometrics firm AOS has announced that its contactless “On The Go” fingerprint technology, ANDI OTG, has become the first non-contact fingerprint system to be certified by the US Federal Bureau of InvestigationThe FBI added the device to the agency's Certified Product List (CPL) on 27 November. Each ANDI OTG system instantly captures four fingerprints from an individual as they walk past the device. ANDI OTG is often used in pairs to capture all eight fingerprints from individuals at rates clocked as high as 54 people per minute. The certification, which has become a coveted de facto standard for the fingerprint biometrics industry, validates the quality of the fingerprint images collected by ANDI OTG.In addition to a faster more sanitary interaction, the lack of latent prints reduces certain security problems associated with contact devices. The non-contact nature of the collection also permits fingerprinting of the 5-10% of the population that cannot be fingerprinted with legacy contact devices. AOS points out that the fingerprints collected using ANDI OTG can be used interoperably with fingerprint enrollments extracted from contact devices.AOS' President, Keith Farr was quick to praise the efforts of both the AOS team and the FBI. “We're just thrilled to be the first through the process. Being first definitely isn't easy, but the cooperative effort from our engineers and scientists and the team at the FBI produced a model for testing non-contact devices that we're very proud of.” Dr. Farr went on to thank the team responsible for the development of the revolutionary ANDI OTG technology saying, “We have an unbelievable collection of talented individuals who have work incredibly hard to make ANDI OTG one of the highest quality fingerprint systems in the world.”