At Identity Week America in Washington, we posed questions to Hoan Ton-That, CEO of Clearview AI, first asking him what role the company plays in enabling facial recognition.

In this fascinating interview, he talked through how we can mitigate bias in facial recognition technology across different demographic groups after recently being awarded a U.S. Patent for achieving a highly accurate, bias-free facial recognition algorithm.

Focusing on a particular use case, law enforcement, Clearview AI has developed a revolutionary, web-based intelligence platform powered by AI facial recognition that harbours the largest known database of 30+ billion facial images outsourced from public websites. These public images can be used to form a public database to compare and identify profiles of potential offenders, leading to prosecutions or cases closed. 

We asked ” can you describe your newer use study to help exonerate suspects as well as to help prosecutions?”

More than 600 law enforcement agencies started using Clearview’s services in the year 2019-2020.

CEO and Founder, Hoan Ton-That took to our stages in a few sessions across the conference to talk about the future of this technology for national security and explain what sort of approach to innovation the industry should advocate.