Credit card giant American Express has added a biometric login feature to its Safekey 3D Secure platform.In a statement, AmEx said its updated platform supports authentication methods including fingerprints and facial recognition. It can also be deployed for traditional and emerging commerce channels, ranging from ecommerce websites to in-app purchases made on smartphones and other Internet-connected devices. “The number of consumers making purchases through mobile channels is continuing to grow, and the expected growth of Internet-connected devices will further fuel digital commerce activity,” said Jaromir Divilek, Executive Vice President, Global Network Business, American Express. “SafeKey 2.0 complements American Express' fraud-prevention capabilities by addressing the evolving needs of merchants, card issuers and Card Members.”American Express will continue to support the existing 1.0 version of SafeKey for merchants and card issuers who are using the platform. Those who are interested in upgrading to SafeKey 2.0 or deploying the platform for the first time should contact their Merchant Plug-In service provider.