Amazon has taken a bold step towards redefining user authentication. The introduction of Amazon Passkeys represents a significant leap forward in ensuring both convenience and security for its users. This innovative approach allows individuals to access their accounts without the need for a traditional password, thereby transforming the login experience on the Amazon website and the iOS Amazon consumer app.

Traditional usernames and passwords have long been the cornerstone of online security, however, this method is not without its flaws with passwords being susceptible to theft, hacking, or even human error.

Amazon Passkeys work by using biometric data or pin code authentication as a replacement for the conventional password. Biometric identifiers such as fingerprint scans, facial recognition, or unique physical traits allow users to log in seamlessly, eliminating the need to recall complex passwords.

This not only simplifies the user experience but also reduces the risk of unauthorised access as biometric data is significantly harder to replicate or steal compared to passwords.

Amazon ensures that this sensitive information is used solely for authentication purposes and not for any other intrusive practices.