A Chicago-based health app, Pathize Health, is using biometrics to manage fatigue symptoms of Long Covid months and even years after patients contract the virus.

The real-time capture of biometrics and body performance relayed over connected Apple Watch devices helps to provide insights on energy, exercise levels and medication.

The health service received coverage in Forbes. An illness not long termed Long Covid since the 2020 pandemic, the condition leaves patients with unknown long-term side effects such as tiredness, loss of taste or smell and muscle aches. But two co-founders that understood the debilitating symptoms all too well have created a data insights monitoring app to manage patients’ daily activities living with Long Covid.

The metric predominantly used by the app assesses heart rate to monitor spikes and dips in energy levels throughout the day.

Pathize provides useful information that can also be shared within the clinician ecosystem and from patients to care providers to better patient care outcomes.

With knowledge and awareness, patients can also control when they may need to pace themselves with activities and practise self-management.

Long Covid currently has no cure so the app can support patients manage their condition.

Heart rate imbalance is one of the only known effects of the condition, which the American Heart Association found a link with patients suffering from Long Covid.

Other apps have been created to help patients self-record their symptoms and answer questions on their health status after COVID-19, with rollouts including across 27 UK NHS hospitals.