Access-IS has launched its new Supplemental Access Control (SAC) compliant OCR601-Mk2, OCR601-SC and OCR640e devices.Already Extended Access Control (EAC) capable, Access-IS says these new releases completely satisfy the requirements for SAC, the new digital access protocol that all European travel documents issued from December 2014 are obliged to support.The new regulations bring a new level of protection against eavesdropping through enhanced cryptography and the ability to use measures such as Card Access Numbers (CAN). According to Access-IS the new products maintain all of the functionally and compatibility you'd expect with first and second generation eDocuments.Access-IS says the OCR601-Mk2 sees minor changes to support this new document standard while the OCR640e sees a major overhaul from its predecessor providing a significant speed and performance improvements.The new OCR601-SC is a 4-in-1 device offering MRZ, RFID, two smart card slots and two Secure Access Management (SAM) modules. An integrated USB hub featuring two powered USB ports has been added for further flexibility. This new reader is suited to applications such as border control and immigration, ID capture & verification, document issuance and other commercial applications (such as gaming, hotels and hire car registration)."After a successful field test exercise, I'm delighted that these class-leading products are now available to the entire market," says Ludovic CoumÉtou, sales manager (ID & Security). "Maintaining our enviable record for quality and reliability, we placed huge resources into the development and testing of these products and are confident that they will satisfy even the most demanding needs of Governmental customers and security integrators."