Academics, including from the Osaka University in Japan, have unveiled a robot doppelgänger of Digital Affairs minister, Taro Kono, to demonstrate the advances of Japan’s digital economy and digital services.

This much is true about Japan – this week also reported on the news that Mr. Taro Kon has entered a closer partnership with the UK to advance joint digital priorities – such as digital infrastructure, identification data, digital regulation and standards.

Both countries signed a second Memorandum of Cooperation agreement, while the unveiling of the robot, dubbed Kono-bot, is also evident of Japan’s campaign to known as a leader in digitalisation.

One objective of Kono-bot is to help promote the rollout of the government’s digital ID system, which encompasses the rollout of My Number Cards.

Unlike the UK’s rising population, Japan imposes control over freedoms such as having more than two children, therefore creating a future that limits innovation with a smaller population.