Biometric technology company Zwipe and Silone CardTech, a VISA, Mastercard, China UnionPay and JCB certified card manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China have announced a partnership to launch battery-less dual-interface biometric payment cards with banks and loyalty programs in China.Commenting on the partnership, CEO of Silone CardTech, William Ju said “We thoroughly evaluated the various offerings in the market and Zwipe's technology platform was the only offering genuinely capable of performing battery-less dual-interface biometric authentication within the rigors of the existing payment card ecosystem, enabling us to offer our customers, some of the largest banks and loyalty programs in China, a cutting edge solution that we are confident will be well received in the marketplace.” Silone CardTech specializes in manufacturing a range of card products, tokens, modules, inlays, key fobs and smart wristbands. They have an established customer base predominantly in China and the Asia Pacific region, offering solutions for access control, government identification, ticketing, retail and banking markets. Silone has already received interest from customers for biometric payment cards with pilots expected to be identified in the coming months. Speaking on the partnership, AndrÉ Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe said “We are happy to add Silone as a trusted manufacturer to our growing list of partners as banks in the region and the world are demanding the convenience and security that our unique technology enables.”