Latvian identity solutions firm X Infotech has revealed plans to partner with Elyctis on all-in-one solutions for ePassport and eID card issuance.X Infotech has integrated the Elyctis ID BOX One reader to improve the quality-control mechanism for a number of customers, deploying eID production management."The successfully implemented projects in the past pave the way towards new joint eID projects in the future," said Sergey Yeliseyev, Business Development Director, Government eID solutions, X Infotech. "The already-completed implementations have proven to be highly satisfactory for the customers and beneficial to Elyctis and ourselves."Alexander Popov, Technical Director, Government eID solutions, X Infotech adds: "Our tests have demonstrated that Elyctis ID Box One readers deliver an added value for eID document production process, thus ensuring a superior quality of eID document issuance."Alexandre Joly, Elyctis CEO adds: "The fact that a reference company in the field of ePassport issuance, management and validation like X INFOTECH integrates our product is the best demonstration of our common interest in proposing a combined offer to serve the eID document markets."