WISeKey International has announced that the latest version of its WISeID app includes new features that allow buyers of the TransHuman Code book (THC book) to use the secure QR Code to get an encrypted digital identity and to control their personal information. WISeKey's latest version of its WISeID app incorporates features that aim to protect consumers against cyber-attacks on personal data.WISeID app download instructions:Scan QR Code from the THC bookGo to https://transhumancode.com (the THC iOS/Android app also support QR Code)Click on "WISeID Special offer, Free cloud storage"Follow instruction toDownload WISeID (iOS, Android)Signup, login accountUse promotion code: THC2019_<8 random characters> and then access WISeID dashboardThe United States Privacy Act places greater emphasis on consumers' right to know, control, opt-out of the sale of their personal information and also request deletion of their personal information that businesses have collected.The WISeID app's new features are adapted to this new US legislation on data protection and focus on consumers' rights to know and control their personal information as well as transparency requirements related to companies' data practices.The TransHuman Code is a humanitarian approach to a technologically innovative future. In The transHuman Code, authors Carlos Moreira and David Fergusson ask, "Are we building a better future for humanity with the help of magnificent technology or are we instead building a better future of better technology at the expense of humanity?".Technologies like WISeID provide consumers with the power to control their privacy, so the right to understand what information is being collected, to be forgotten and to be deleted is always under users' control. A digital identity is like a birth certificate, it belongs to and should always be under the control of the user. WISeID app protects users from 'pseudo' digital identities which are created with data provided by the user, but without their consent.In contrast to "social network credentials and identities" where social media companies provide users with ID credentials to access their services, WISeID's are built to "empower individuals to control their identity, manage their digital personas, and actively monetize their personal data.WISeID Personal Vault, has been enhanced to include two main features:WISeID Authenticator: a secure login feature, based in the HMAC standard and compatible with Google Authenticator, which works with many existing online services like Gmail, Facebook and others. When login in one of the compatible websites, the user can generate "one-time passwords" directly from WISeID and use it to reinforce its regular password, making very hard for a hacker to steal user credentials and get access to important resources like confidential information, eBanking services.Free digital certificate: the new WISeID simplifies the steps to generate a digital certificate and integrate it with the device system applications like email, making it easy to secure email with encryption and digital signatures. This service is based in standards like X.509 and S/MIME, so compatible with any device and operating system.WISeID uses a 'freemium' business model, so users can use most features for free, while some enhanced capabilities, like the back-up of confidential information in WISeKey's hyper-secure cloud systems hosted in a secure datacenter in Switzerland, are paid-for features.