WISeKey has announced the launch of its new WISeID digital identity portfolio of services.WISeID is an innovative approach to people's identity able to protect online interactions for individuals and companies. WISeID provides users with a Digital Identity that can be used to secure email communication, digitally sign documents with legal validity and it's complemented with features such as dual factor authentication and single sign-on. WISeID is based on the WISeKey/OISTE Root of Trust and integrates innovative blockchain technologies to distribute the identity attributes and build federated ecosystems.WISeID is accessible as a web service via the wiseid.com trust services portal. Through the wiseid.com website, individuals can create their digital identity and get instant access to benefits, and corporations can offer a digital identity to their employees and/or customers by signing up for managed identity services. Additionally, wiseid.com provides corporations with the ability to integrate WISeID accounts into their own websites and applications to benefit from strong authentication and digital signatures services.WISeKey has launched a suite of WISeID Applications to leverage the use of the digital identity from mobile devices. Its "MyWISeID" App provides digital signatures and strong authentication, while "WISeID Vault" App provides a personal encrypted vault to protect user's confidential information. WISeKey is developing additional web and mobile applications to further expand security services for the WISeID portfolio, including secure instant messaging, object authentication, etc."Digital Identities allow people to secure their communications, vote electronically, secure financial transactions, access health records and much more. WISeID removes all usability barriers and makes it easy and affordable for companies and individuals to secure their digital interactions," stated Carlos Moreira, CEO and Founder of WISeKey. "WISeID is the product of several years of extensive research and development expertise in the digital identity arena, taking it to the next level," said Pedro Fuentes, WISeKey's product manager for Trust Services.