Verisec is advancing the position of Freja eID in the online gambling industry., one of the world's largest internet casinos, has chosen the Swedish internationally scalable eID as the ID solution in the Nordic is an award-winning online casino offering over 3,800 different games from more than 100 different providers. Freja eID meets all the legal requirements for the gambling industry and allows new players to board in just a few minutes with complete ID verification, through a completely digital procedure. The casino customer then gets a smooth and secure login and user experience.Freja eID handles sensitive user data for the internet casino and gives the user a complete overview of what is stored as well as detailed user history via Freja eID My Pages. Consent for usage of personal data at as a third party is easily handled with Freja eID. The terms are clearly presented in the Freja eID app with which the user can easily give consent.Ulle Skottling, COO comments:"We believe gambling should be safe and simple as well as fun. Freja eID will help us ensure we protect players and respect their data both on sign-up and while they enjoy our casino. We invest a lot of time and resources into ensuring we not only comply with regulatory requirements but surpass them and this new tool will be implemented in order to attain the highest standards."Johan Henrikson, CEO Verisec comments:"The agreement with a well-established international online casino such as regarding the Nordic market shows that Freja eID can be the online gambling industry's key to fast customer boarding, KYC, fast payments, increased customer interaction and global scalability. An eID is about much more than meeting regulatory requirements – it's about user experience and customer loyalty which is becoming increasingly important in a digitalized world."