The United States wants to expand the use of a “preclearance program” in foreign airports to allow border officials to collect and screen biometric information before visa waiver travellers can board airplanes, amid other changes in the wake of terrorist attacks in Paris.The biometric changes would be part of a plan to tighten a visa waiver program so that security officials can more closely screen travelers from 38 countries.The new measures were prompted by the Nov. 13 attacks in Paris by Islamic State militants, and will result in passengers being quizzed about previous travel to countries such as Iraq or Syria.This will “enhance our [the US's] ability to thwart terrorist attempts to travel on lost or stolen passports,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters in Paris.Other proposed changes include the DHS studying pilot programs for collecting biometric information such as fingerprints from visa waiver traveller. McCarthy also said lawmakers were interested in requiring all countries in the waiver program to issue “e-passports” with chips and biometrics. One change would be to make sure that passengers were screened against a database of lost and stolen passports.