Chinese electronics chain Suning has deployed a facial recognition payment system in a new unmanned store in Yangpu district, Shanghai. After downloading an app and uploading their facial data, customers can shop for merchandise simply have their face scanned. The payment is completed automatically through mobile payment platforms. Before entering the store, users download (Suning Finance) app on their mobile phone in advance, go through face recognition and link their bank card. After scanning their face, users can enter the unmanned store to start shopping.Suning's unmanned shop covers area of about 100 square meters.The unmanned store displays four main categories of products, including sports IP products accounting for about 70%, in addition to Suning's lion mascot Sugelaning IP products, and furniture.The company said it aims to open eight to 10 such stores by the end of this year. Facial recognition technology could be worth $450 million in the global market by 2019, according to market intelligence provider TrendForce