Turkey's Turk Ekonomi Bankasi (TEB) bank has selected voice biometrics and call steering technologies offered by SESTEK for its contact centres.The implementation of SESTEK's speech solution makes TEB the first bank in Turkey to use voice biometrics and call steering technologies together, according to a SESTEK statement.The first voice biometrics implementation in banking industry of Turkey was for Denizbank, in a solution also implemented by SESTEK.TEB customers can be authenticated by uttering the passphrase: “I want to use my TEB voiceprint” and complete their transactions in a secure way without providing additional personal information or dealing with traditional security measures.The implementation of Voice Biometrics not only increases customer satisfaction through a simple, convenient and fast voice authentication alternative, but also reduces the average handling times by replacing time-consuming security questions and saves customers from the inconvenient necessity of remembering PINs,” wrote SESTEK in a statement.Similarly, call steering technology means TEB customers can be routed to the right self-service application easily by describing their needs in their own words like “I want to pay my bill” or “I'd like to transfer money”