LIVE IN PARIS – Norway's NEXT Biometrics has announced that Trust Designer has selected NEXT Biometrics NB-2020-S fingerprint sensor module for its SesameTouch “My Digital Life Companion” product.NEXT Biometrics said the SesameTouch “My Digital Life Companion” is an innovative personal security device that wirelessly connects to personal electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets in order to secure device access, provide password management and allows secure payment transactions by fingerprint authentication.The SesameTouch “My Digital Life Companion” can also be used as a standalone security object for contactless payment or in transportation applications.”We are glad to be able to add this exciting new concept to our list of NEXT-Enabled projects,” commented Radek Matyasek, VP Sales EMEA, NEXT Biometrics.”SesameTouch is based on open standards for strong authentication defined by Natural Security Alliance, which opens great opportunity for its mass adoption. In addition, SesameTouch has been also integrated into 'My E-money Purse' of Ticket Surf International, to form the first biometrically-enabled portable eWallet payment solution,” he added.”We were looking for a biometric sensor solution with a better user experience than the solutions we can find in today's smartphones, and at the right price for a consumer device,” said JÉrôme DUSAUTOIS, CEO at Trust Designer. “So we decided to work with NEXT Biometrics. Their sensor provides high level of performances at fraction of a cost of traditional fingerprint sensor technologies.”