ThreatMetrix, The Digital Identity Company and announced a new partnership to deliver integrated identity verification solutions for government and commercial clients.Through the partnership,ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Intelligence will help power the offering, enabling government agencies to provide secure access to services online and keep them safe from fraud. The solution reduces the risk of identity fraud across agencies and is compliant with the highest federal standards in the industry, including FICAM accreditation, FedRamp Ready, and NIST 800-63-2(3)."ThreatMetrix is proud to partner with, a company dedicated to ensuring citizens have secure acess to government services, and that veterans can easily access the benefits they have earned," says Leah Evanski, vice president of strategic alliances at ThreatMetrix. "By working together we reduce fraud and enable trust in the government sector and beyond."" integrates leading identity and fraud prevention technology like ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Intelligence into a comprehensive, easy-to-deploy identity verification solution for government and commercial partners," says Blake Hall, chief executive officer and founder. "About half of all information stolen from data breaches is used to perpetrate government and benefit fraud, according to the FTC. Partnering with ThreatMetrix helps us identify and prevent fraudulent activity in the identity proofing process."