Designed by Swiss Authentis S.A. at the request of the Authorities of Benin, the solution includes a powerful IT platform, secure identification tags and terminals for law enforcement. The Police will thus be able to instantly check the compliance of vehicles and issue and monitor tickets.

Aiming at significantly reducing the hassle suffered by road users, this information system is able to monitor the validity of administrative documents and the status of vehicles on the road without immobilizing motorists in good standing. Jointly operated by several administrations and law enforcement agencies (Republican Police, National Agency for Land Transport, General Directorate of Taxes, National Center for Road Safety, etc.), this solution contributes to the modernization of the Government processes and illustrates the efforts made by the country in regards to digitalization and e-governance.

On 29 April 2022, the Benin Authorities received the first part of the solution to be deployed.

Guillaume CHAIZE, CEO of Swiss Authentis, declared: “Our best Analysts and Developers have been mobilized to deliver a result that lives up to the confidence shown by the Authorities of Benin. The result meets the technical expectations of the Benin Information Services and Systems Agency. The “Sécuroute” (SafeRoad) solution will benefit both the users and the Government and will contribute to the good governance set by the Authorities”.

About Swiss Authentis

Based in the region of Geneva, Swiss Authentis is an independent supplier of technologies in the field of document security, product authentication, traceability and dematerialization. Swiss Authentis offers its tailored analysis and development services to Institutions and the private sector. Its robust electronic platforms and portals facilitate the issuance of secure documents, combat counterfeiting, ensure the traceability of assets and streamline processes.

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