Gemalto has announced it will provide its LinqUs Mobile ID solution to Thailand's Electronic Transactions Development Agency which aims to develop secure online services nationwide. ETDA is a public organisation, part of the Thailand's Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The solution will allow mobile users to securely perform any online transaction on the go. They will be able to access internet banking, confirm payments, and digitally sign documents for sensitive activities such as online loan applications or account updates, by entering a PIN on their mobiles. Complete development will be followed by nationwide rollout, enabling a variety of secured services for 86 million subscribers, to drive the country's Digital Economy plans. Thailand is a fast growing mobile market in South East Asia, with more than 40 million mobile Internet users and nearly 60% of online transactions being conducted via mobiles. But, it is also one of the world's top targets for online banking attacks and Point-of-Sale malware infections. Gemalto says that with its solution, the government can now strengthen the country's digital transformation by enabling diverse services such as online banking, eCommerce, eGovernment, enterprise logins, and mobile payments, with a combination of simplicity, mobility, and security. "ETDA's mandate from the Ministry of ICT is to increase both the volume and value of electronic transactions in Thailand while also paying particular attention to security. So, ETDA has been focusing on the area of electronic authentication with Gemalto. Its multi-purpose solution will provide PKI-based strong authentication and legally-binding signatures directly from users' phones, offering a strong security framework and convenience for all," says Surangkana Wayuparb, executive director & CEO of ETDA. "With great support for all networks and phone types, citizens with a mobile can now access online services from anywhere. This makes mass adoption easier, and helps us accelerate digital economic growth.""The Mobile ID deployment puts Thailand in the same league as other leading nations such as Finland, Norway and Iceland in providing such high levels of security for online services," says Michael Au, president, South Asia and Japan at Gemalto. "With complete understanding of end-to-end security technologies in different industries, for example, banking, telecom and government, we can help them provide a world-class user experience to build a thriving digital economy and society."