The International Standardisation committee on Biometrics Working Group 3 (ISO/IEC JTC1 SC37 WG3) is seeking comments after taking the decision to promote a new draft standard.The group has decided to promote a new draft standard ISO/IEC 39794-1 Extensible biometric data interchange formats – Part 1: Framework to the next level, which is Draft International Standard (DIS).This standard will be the technical framework for future Biometric Passport Data Interchange Standards. A core concept followed by the new standards is that encoding of biometric data will be done in an extensible data structure, as it is needed for future ePassports.The current timeline agreed with ICAO is as follows:- ISO/IEC 39794-1, -4 and -5 are expected to be finalized in December 2019.- ICAO will adopt its 9303 specification by April 2020 and then refer to ISO/IEC 39794-1, -4 and -5The second Committee Drafts (CD) of 39794–4 and -5 are posted and are now seeking technical comments.Here are the useful links:ISO/IEC 2nd CD 39794-4 Extensible biometric data interchange formats -Part 4: Finger image data: 2nd CD 39794-5 Extensible biometric data interchange formats -Part 5: Face image data: group is asking that industry please consider to contribute with your comments to the discussion about these Committee Drafts. The comment resolution meetings are scheduled to take place in Fraunhofer-IGD, Darmstadt-Germany on November 19 and 20If you are interested, then please join your national standardisation body (and the respective mirror-committee of SC37 – see: and submit your comments before 25th of October.