Police in South Australia say that face recognition has proved such a useful boost in crime-fighting efforts, that it will now also be used to find missing people. Senior police told local media that the expansion in use follows trials which lasted from October to December last year.SA Police intelligence officers will use the new software, worth $780,000, to analyse images from CCTV, ATM cameras and even social media in some cases.Police Commissioner Grant Stevens told the Adelaide Advertiser there had “already been some successes as a result of the use of facial recognition technology” by the force.”During the development phase, as a test, we ran images of a person who was a suspect for an offence and it came up with a positive result,” Mr Stevens said. “I'm very keen for it to be rolled out to its full extent across SAPOL.”The system compares images uploaded by police against a database of about 110,000 images of people who have been arrested in South Australia.